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My Thursday 5¢


Buffalo Public Schools, Sergio for Mayor, The Sabres and more.

Sad BFA News…the passing of Russell Pawlak

(courtesy Buffalo News) Before I got involved with BFA or anything else in Broadway-Fillmore, I was snooping around the Central Terminal some years back…while I was snooping, Russell approached me and gave me a little impromptu tour fo the main…
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BFA PHOTOS: SCVA @ the Buffalo Central Terminal

(click here for larger view of photos) As I wrote before, this is one my favorite Terminal events. The above is a mix of some of the art from the show and scenes from in and around the Terminal yesterday….
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BFA Photos: From the Terminal Plaza – 04/26/2009

  (click on images for full view) One of the best views of B-F any time of the day is from the Central Terminal Plaza…   Snapped these about 8 pm on Sunday. [originally posted on BFA]

BFA: Walk the line…a high speed rail line

A you may or may not know, the federal stimulus package includes funds for high speed rail development between Buffalo and Albany.  There is also growing support from local, state and national politicians to have the Central Terminal as part…
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BFA: Time to stimulate the Central Terminal?

Ever since it was revealed that high-speed rail investment was going to be part of the federal government’s stimulus package, Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, D-Fairport, whose congressional district includes most of B-F, has been hard at work ensuring New York…
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BFA: Pan this

(click on image for full view) I have been intrigued about doing some panoramic shots in B-F and have finally gotten around to playing planning some. The above is my first and a test of sorts…it was taken in traffic…
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Artvoice: Terminal Reflection 2

Sometimes my pictures are in Artvoice…”Terminal Reflection 2″ is from an ongoing series of pics featuring the Central Terminal reflected somewhere in B-F. (click here to go to Artvoice and see full view) Can anyone guess what window this is…
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