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My Thursday 5¢


Buffalo Public Schools, Sergio for Mayor, The Sabres and more.

My 5¢ – 03/01/2013

Strong Dose of Reality Sometimes I have issues with and question the work I do on Buffalo’s East Side.  It’s not that I don’t think the work is important or helping make a difference.  Sometimes I forget the other realities…
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Part II: Buffalo’s BPS Mess, Read the Report

This morning I wrote a post about a report from Distinguished Educator Judy Elliot.  Here are links to the report.  Call it required reading. Click here to read the full report Click here to read the plan of action Click to…
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Buffalo’s BPS Mess

Buffalo Public Schools

I’ve argued on the pages of my blog here that the Buffalo Public Schools system (BPS) needs radical reinvention to fix the broken district for what seems like years.  What I would like to see is the district essentially blown up…
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City Honors is Awesome Because

It is very easy to be one of the top performing schools in the country when you are set up to accept only the best and brightest your school district has to offer.  City Honors in Buffalo does exactly that….
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Buffalo Public Schools need radical change

In a school district where students where students have a better chance of not graduating high school than getting their diploma, you need changes that are going to show real progress over time.  Dr. Williams had his shot to turn…
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Sometimes Rod Watson is a Great Columnist

I don’t agree with everything Rod Watson writes.  Heck, sometimes I don’t think his columns are good at all.  Then there are times when Ros Watson is totally firing on all cylinders and is great…that was the case yesterday with…
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School Board Vote Fail Part III

Last week I wrote two posts about the abysmal turnout in Buffalo for school board elections…here and here. Looks like the uncommon council of Buffalo was listening… From Buffalo Rising: The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Joseph…
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