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Florida Panther Video and Misplaced Outrage

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Post by Suzanne K. Taylor. It is easy to be outraged about almost anything it seem nowadays. Such was the case Saturday night as the Florida Panthers played the above video on their jumbotron before they played our Buffalo Sabres….
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Audio: Ted Nolan Speaks on Pat LaFontaine’s Departure

Ted Nolan

As the smoke starts to clear from Pat LaFontaine’s departure, one of the big questions out there is how it’s going to impact Ted Nolan’s future.

Buffalo, Welcome to Hockey Hell


As I was making my way down to the Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks game on the Metro Rail Friday, I lost my smartphone connection in the tunnel heading downtown. It was somewhere between the University Station and popping…
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Audio to help pump you up for the Sabres’ opener today!

Buffalo Sabres

Audio to help pump you up for the Sabres’ opener today!

My Thursday 5¢


Buffalo Public Schools, Sergio for Mayor, The Sabres and more.

My 5¢ – 04/27/2013

Buffalo Nickel

$250,000, John Stewart , NFL Draft, Sabres Season Ends & Jerry Sullivan

My 5¢ – 04/16/2013


HARBORcenter, Using Tragedies, Fusion Voting, Buffalo Green Code & Ozzy

My 5¢ – 03/01/2013

Strong Dose of Reality Sometimes I have issues with and question the work I do on Buffalo’s East Side.  It’s not that I don’t think the work is important or helping make a difference.  Sometimes I forget the other realities…
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