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Reaction from Presidential Debate Dos


As I sat through what was supposed to be a debate last night, the thoughts that kept on coming back to me were what a load of shit the whole shebang was and the real losers of the debate were…
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Vice Presidential Debate Analysis: Angry Joe, Happy Joe and Crazy Joe

I watched the vice presidential debate between Joe and Paul for about a forty minutes last night. Those forty minutes watched were everything but a debate. It was a whole heap of crazy. When I finally decided that enough was…
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A Simple Preview to the Vice Debate on Social Media Tonight

A sample of what you will see on Facebook. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden is winning. The typical Republican reaction: Paul Ryan is winning. A sample of what you will see on Twitter. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden…
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Unparalleled EPICNESS depicting what a debate really is in 2012

With all the debate over last week’s debate, LEVITY! Much better than enduring the crap the debate was. “Eye of the sparrow…this girl slipped on my arrow.” Election 2012, the cycle of the DUMB. Genius!

Behind the Window

Behind the Window The most intriguing thing to me about the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney last night was the black window behind them. Who or what is behind the black glass? Some guesses: Puppet masters Complimentary post…
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Hopefuls Gubed it up at Hofstra

They came…they never really debated…and none of them conquered. Republican Party candidate Carl Paladino,  Democratic Party candidate Andrew Cuomo, Freedom Party candidate Charles Barron, Anti-Prohibition Party candidate Kristin Davis, Green Party candidate Howard Hawkins, The Rent Is Too Damn High…
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The Great Debate

Message to all third, fourth, fifth, etc. party candidates about tonight’s New York Governor Candidate debate @ Hofstra… I know the easy path will be to go in and try to outshine your opponents in any way possible.  What I…
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Speaking of the Dee-bate

Imagine that…most lefty bloggers think Biden won while most righty blogs think Palin won.