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Make it STOP

My Twitter and Facebook feeds are full of supporters for both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney who constantly post things disparaging the opponent of the person they support. I often wonder if they think that somehow through the magic of…
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Reaction from Presidential Debate Dos


As I sat through what was supposed to be a debate last night, the thoughts that kept on coming back to me were what a load of shit the whole shebang was and the real losers of the debate were…
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Vice Presidential Debate Analysis: Angry Joe, Happy Joe and Crazy Joe

I watched the vice presidential debate between Joe and Paul for about a forty minutes last night. Those forty minutes watched were everything but a debate. It was a whole heap of crazy. When I finally decided that enough was…
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When Democrats are Republicans and Republicans are Democrats

I had thought about writing a post on the state of local politics after reading how current Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III (a Democrat)  is getting both the Republican and Democrat endorsements for reelection came November.  To me,…
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