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I just want a county government without all the political BS

Erie County… The constant sniping between the Erie County Comptroller Marc Poloncarz and the Chris Collins administration is a joke. The latest drama stems from Poloncarz wanting copies of the personal financial information a number county employees are to required…
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Video: Kevin Hardwick swearing in ceremony – 01/01/2010

One of the Byrdlights from 2009 was being on Kevin Hardwick’s Kitchen Cabinet for his successful run at unseating Michele Iannello as the 10th District Erie County Legislator…he had a great group of people behind him managing the campaign…it is…
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Optical scan local election wrap up for 2009

Just my thoughts on some of the local races I paid close attention to and other stuff… Hardwick/Ianello Working on the campaign for Kevin Hardwick, I decided to keep my comments about the race to nothing more than rooting for the good…
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