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I just want a county government without all the political BS

Erie County… The constant sniping between the Erie County Comptroller Marc Poloncarz and the Chris Collins administration is a joke. The latest drama stems from Poloncarz wanting copies of the personal financial information a number county employees are to required…
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Video: Kevin Hardwick swearing in ceremony – 01/01/2010

One of the Byrdlights from 2009 was being on Kevin Hardwick’s Kitchen Cabinet for his successful run at unseating Michele Iannello as the 10th District Erie County Legislator…he had a great group of people behind him managing the campaign…it is…
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Erie County Budget still full of holes

This video is is well worth the watch… HT for this raw look at reactions down at county hall after the Erie County Legislature overrided his budget vetoes of last week. When watching it, I wondered again if anyone…
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