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My 5¢ – 02/21/2013


Crisis in Levittown If you have never seen this documentary about a black middle-class family that moves into white Levittown, PA in 1957, just watch. It is thirty minutes well spent looking into racism in the 1950s United States. It was put…
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A Simple Preview to the Vice Debate on Social Media Tonight

A sample of what you will see on Facebook. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden is winning. The typical Republican reaction: Paul Ryan is winning. A sample of what you will see on Twitter. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden…
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Lent, Facebook and Moi

Gave up Facebook for Lent… Has been weird, but I am getting used to it. I am still using it for various causes I am associated with or doing work related things, beyond that nada else. Of course on Facebook…
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Esmonde on Facebook…Me on Facebook

I do consider myself a moderate user of Twitter and Facebook…I also find myself wondering where people find the time  to participate in social media in what seems to be an all day affair for some. The beauty of Facebook,…
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Me & George Lopez

I took one of those stupid internet quiz type things which are always appealing on some weird level but are always a waste of time…well, I got what I deserved by taking the “Which Movie Star are You” quiz on…
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