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Jan 15

My 5¢ – 01/15/2013

Buffalo and Hockey I know I am from Buffalo and this makes me biased, but this f’d up mess of city of ours is probably the best damn NHL hockey town this side of the Canadian border in North America. … Read More

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Jan 13

Sabres Scheduled Release

What a short crazy hockey trip this is going to be over the next few months!  It is like there is going to be two playoff seasons…one to get to the playoffs and the actual playoffs.  That is if the … Read More

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Feb 23

Give the Bottle Cap its due…

The Buffalo Bisons won five Calder Cups in the AHL. 1942–43 1943–44 1945–46 1962–63 1969–70 Isn’t it about time they had a banner in the rafters at HSBC Arena showing such?  Taking into consideration that the “Buffalo” in the cap … Read More

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Dec 28

Eighteen year old and Swedish blogger don’t like Buffalo…whoopty freakin’ do!

If the premature COMPLAINT stories weren’t enough about the World Juniors, here comes Emerson Etem of Team USA blasting the B-lo with the above tweet. The tweet itself deserves a mightyYAWN, but our local media reaction penchant for overreacting to … Read More

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Dec 28

World Juniors = Awesome

All along I thought that having the World Junior Hockey Championship in the B-lo was an awesome thing. I have to tell you though…going to a game was made me realize just how incredible it really is. I attended last … Read More

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