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My 5¢ – 01/26/2013

The Sabres Were Up and Now They Are Down With a 48 game season, the little ups and downs are going to be scrutinized a lot.  After the Sabres started 2-0, people were excited.  Now that they are 2-2 after…
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This Buffalo News story title should read

Why can’t Louise Slaughter and Brian Higgins bring more federal dollars into the region? From the Buffalo News… You would think that a budget-conscious first-year congressman in the minority party would be an utter failure at bringing home the bacon…
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Upstate New York Congressional Caucus

House of Representatives from upstate NY have created their own brand spanking new congressional caucus to fight for the region. I know Brian Higgins is our hip and shiny local congress type hero, but Louise Slaughter, who founded the caucus, doesn’t get the cred…
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