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My 5¢ – 01/31/2013

five cents

Welcome to Erie County I can see it clearly now.  It is like I have an eighty inch top-of-the-line HDTV as a window into politics down at the Rath Building and old Erie County Hall. The feud brewing between Erie County…
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Moving Forward in Reverse with Richard Tobe

Nothing against Richard Tobe, but it seems political leadership in this region always has a way of looking to retreads to move our way into the future.  He will be Mark Poloncarz’s Deputy County Executive and Economic Development Czar.  (I…
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Byrd Politics 2011

Don’t know what it is with me and politics lately. I had every intention to watch the Collins and Poloncarz debate tonight with a keen eye on both and how they presented the issues. As I have done in the…
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Mark Poloncarz’s Thoughts on the Buffalo-Niagara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Caught this in comment section of Buffalo Pundit’s “Toronto Trending. For Real.” post. Mark Poloncarz highlights some key parts of his office’s audit of the CVB in his comments: One of the issues with the Buffalo-Niagara CVB is its budget….
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Poloncarz Versus Hochul in 2011 County Executive Primary?

Am I the only who has noticed that Kathy Hochul has been making herself more visible lately? The most recent example of this was two days ago when she gave her opinion on what went wrong during the Lake Effect…
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Steel cage match – Collins VS. Poloncarz

Instead of waiting for the Erie County Executive race next year to end the super duper feud between Erie County Executive Chris Collins and Erie County Controller Mark Poloncarz, I propose a steel cage wrestling match between them at HSBC…
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And sometimes I feel bad about what I post…

A couple days ago I posted about a comment left on Mark Poloncarz’s Facebook profile referring to Chris Collins as “Adolf.” Yesterday, I received a Facebook message from Mark about it and he left a comment on my post. After…
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Chris Collins ain’t Adolf Hitler

I hate when people compare American politicians to Adolf Hitler and the like. Apparently some people don’t have a problem doing so. From a comment on County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz’s Facebook page: Really…Chris Collins is in the same league as…
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