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Feb 07

My 5¢ – 02/06/2013

What do we want Buffalo to be? Muddling.  I can’t help but to feel that is what I am doing while working through the trials and tribulations of helping Buffalo’s East Side.  There never seems to be any order to … Read More

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Oct 13

Off Asses and Elephants: Voter Apathy Edition

I read this on Facebook earlier today…it relates to the New York governor’s race. “Welcome to NY State. Looks like we are gonna have another shitty governor.” That is about the most politically astute statement I have heard in the … Read More

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Oct 11

Audio Carl Paladino: HELLO, I Feel Pretty

The Cuomo camp doesn’t have to do anything to try to derail the Carl Paladino campaign. Why? He is doing a pretty bang up job of doing it himself on an almost weekly basis. Paladino doesn’t like gay people. From … Read More

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May 27

Shorter New York State Democratic Convention

Seriously… The convention must be one huge love fest of how the state Democrats are the ones to change things. Translation…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Empty rhetoric fest…

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Feb 28

New York and its subsidiaries ain’t never gonna change

People who think we can look to the Dems or Rebubs and magically elect change for New York are sadly mistaken. Whether we are talking about political leadership in Cheektowaga or Cayuga County or Albany, the political machines rule all…their … Read More

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