Audio to help pump you up for the Sabres’ opener today!

Buffalo Sabres

Audio to help pump you up for the Sabres’ opener today!

My Monday 5¢

I went to a Bills game and this happened, Rick Jeanneret and more.

My 5¢ – 05/18/2013

Solar Panels at the Broadway Market, Is Progress Pushing People Out in Buffalo?, The NHL doesn’t get it, Buffalo Story Project and Carl Paladino and Buffalo Schools…HELLO!

Don’t Panic, Call Vanek

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres’ win last night against those dreaded Bruins was the early highlight of this young season.  After the Sabres fell behind 3-1 in the second period, all of Hockey Read More …

Audio to help pump you up for the Sabres’ home opener Sunday!

As has been the case for who knows how many years here on my blog, I give you the opening home game audio essentials to pump oneself up for the Read More …

Sabres Scheduled Release

Buffalo Sabres

What a short crazy hockey trip this is going to be over the next few months!  It is like there is going to be two playoff seasons…one to get to Read More …

I Just Don’t Want the NHL Back, I Want the NHL of my Youth Back

Statistics make things easy.  They are hard to argue with and paint a picture in numbers. The first set of stats I am going throw at you are the top Read More …

Dear NHL Owners and Players


Hi, I love hockey and I love the NHL. This love often takes a huge chunk of cash from my wallet.  I’m not talking about the cash you are accustomed Read More …