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Jul 21

My Five Cents: Post Vacation Edition

WECK Changing Format While nothing in the way local media does business really surprises me anymore, I was sad to learn upon returning from the Finger Lakes that WECK was scrapping it’s talk radio format to play crappy music over … Read More

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Feb 28

New York and its subsidiaries ain’t never gonna change

People who think we can look to the Dems or Rebubs and magically elect change for New York are sadly mistaken. Whether we are talking about political leadership in Cheektowaga or Cayuga County or Albany, the political machines rule all…their … Read More

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Feb 23

Change we can barf about

I doesn’t take the political machines long to pick up on and start using key words to try to sell us dummies in the electorate on their bulls**t. Yesterday a interesting piece of mail made its way to the Byrd’s … Read More

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Oct 30

Buffalo News: Kadet for comptroller

When I finally got a chance to read the Buffalo News today, I was surprised to see that they endorsed Phil Kadet over Mark Poloncarz for Erie County Comptroller. Though I am a fan of Mark Poloncarz, I have to agree … Read More

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Sep 05

Politics and the Buffalo Zoo…

Asses and Elephants were on hand today at the Zoo strutting their stuff! Both seemed well behaved…a nice contrast to what we usually see when they get together or run solo.

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