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Video: Larry David as Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live

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Comedy, it can bring levity to almost anything. And that is just what Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) cold open did last night in its parodying last weeks Democrat’s Presidential Debate. It was brilliant to use Larry David as Bernie Sanders….
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The Rock on Saturday Night Live

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Saturday Night Live (SNL) hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was fantastic last night. In recent years, the show is hit-or-miss from week-to-week. But Johnson elevated yesterday’s show…”The Rock” is a natural. I absolutely loved the Bambi movie trailer. Get…
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Why the UN continues to allow this nut to address their General Assembly is beyond me. From Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech yesterday at the UN on who he thinks is to blame for 09/11… “that some segments within the…
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Some thoughts while letting the Byrd wife sleep in on Mom’s Day

What a great story University at Buffalo’s Dan Bishop broke his neck during a wrestling match in March…today he walks across the graduation stage!!!  Great story… SNL amd Betty White FTW Betty White’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last night…
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Consider getting Broadview Security

This was on SNL Saturday…it cracked me up then and still cracks me up this morning! Is is just me or does it seem like companies want us to fear each other more for the sake of selling us things…
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Unparrelled awesomeness… We REALLY!?! more Seinfeld out there instead of crap like what the “The Marriage Ref” is. Comedy…sometimes it nails it in how we are all thinking. HT drinks at the Wellington Pub yesterday…this is where I found out…
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