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Jan 14

Video: Time Lapse of Dude from Cordova, Alaska Digging out his Car

Love this video!!!

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Dec 05

Lake Effect Terror in Buffalo and WNY…are we wimping out?

Mother Nature opened a can of lake effect whup ass on WNY a few days back and a lot of people couldn’t deal with it. Hello…we are from Buffalo. I can understand people not from here being made of less … Read More

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Feb 11

As the snow blows elsewhere…

I know am not the only one from WNY who is enjoying a lot of other places not named Buffalo get pounded by snow and struggling with it. Steve Watson’s article in the B-News today sums it up nicely… The … Read More

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Dec 04

Inspection of snow removal equipment completed

I went into the nest’s garage this morning and did one final inspection of our snow removal equipment…everything is a go to handle the lake effect blast today.

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Dec 04

First live snow cam of the season…OFF AIR WARNING CANCELED SNOW STOPPED (BOOO)

Ok…so it is my yard…exciting stuff!

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