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Florida Panther Video and Misplaced Outrage

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Post by Suzanne K. Taylor. It is easy to be outraged about almost anything it seem nowadays. Such was the case Saturday night as the Florida Panthers played the above video on their jumbotron before they played our Buffalo Sabres….
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Buffalo Strong

[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/] Love this by local cartoonist Rick Manzone. It really says it all about this last week, the #SNOvember storm and Buffalo!

Photo: How the Lake Effect Storm looked from Across Lake Erie

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[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”545″/] Another awesome photo of the “SNOvember” or “Knife” or whatever it ends up being called storm. This one comes from across Lake Erie in Ontario. Very cool and shows how ominous the storm was.  

Photos: Lake Effect Snow Wall

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There are many lake effect snow wall photos being posted. I stumbled on these via Facebook. They were taken by┬áDavid Niedbala and are on imgur. Fantastic. This SNOvember storm is one for the ages. The amount of photos being shared…
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Lake Effect Terror in Buffalo and WNY…are we wimping out?

Mother Nature opened a can of lake effect whup ass on WNY a few days back and a lot of people couldn’t deal with it. Hello…we are from Buffalo. I can understand people not from here being made of less…
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As the snow blows elsewhere…

I know am not the only one from WNY who is enjoying a lot of other places not named Buffalo get pounded by snow and struggling with it. Steve Watson’s article in the B-News today sums it up nicely… The…
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Inspection of snow removal equipment completed

I went into the nest’s garage this morning and did one final inspection of our snow removal equipment…everything is a go to handle the lake effect blast today.