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My 5¢ – 01/17/2013

Public Schools under Doctor Williams in the B-lo If there was ever any doubt about the chaotic culture of Buffalo Public Schools under the leadership of Dr. James Williams, the 01/12/2013 report by the Mary Pasciak in the Buffalo News about…
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A Simple Preview to the Vice Debate on Social Media Tonight

A sample of what you will see on Facebook. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden is winning. The typical Republican reaction: Paul Ryan is winning. A sample of what you will see on Twitter. The typical Democrat reaction: Joe Biden…
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Feeling the earthquake on social media

I know I wasn’t the only one who after feeling or hearing about the earthquake today in WNY, automatically went to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to find out exactly what was going on and looking for multimedia on the event….
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Esmonde on Facebook…Me on Facebook

I do consider myself a moderate user of Twitter and Facebook…I also find myself wondering where people find the time  to participate in social media in what seems to be an all day affair for some. The beauty of Facebook,…
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Social media-ing ourselves to death

Why do people feel the need to be connected via the web on an almost 24/7 basis through the various social media offerings out there? Don’t get me wrong…I like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, text messaging, instant messaging, etc…but I think at times…
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10-4 Good Buddy

Some Twitter ids and blog names are reminding me more and more of 70s and 80s era CB handles…gives credence to the phrase what is old is new again…CB was/is definitely social media. Think about…CB radio had its own lingo…so do…
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