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Victoria S. Bull…where are you?

Noticeably missing from UB football games the last couple of seasons is Victoria S. Bull. She is Victor E. Bull’s sister. The answer I got from the UB Athletic Department amounts to BULLshit. They said she is on a leave…
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UB Football for you and for me

UB football may never be a giant NCAA Division 1 program, but I am okay with that. What UB football has evolved into locally is a nice alternative to going to Buffalo Bills games.  Tickets are reasonable, food prices are…
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When falcons attack

On a personal note… I don’t live that far from where the falcon nest is at UB…a couple of weeks ago when I came home from work, there was a ton of commotion around my Byrd feeder…a lot of starlings…
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Will UB win with Quinn?

Well…we won’t really know until the team hits the field, but I like the choice for coach.  Ward Manuel could have taken the easy way out and went with Danny Barrett who is already on the staff, but he didn’t….
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Turner Gill is gone…now what???

Turner Gill turned around UB’s struggling football program…no if ands or buts about it…now what for UB football after his departure? While a lot of the success us UB fans saw on the field came from Gill, a lot of…
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UB Football 2009 starts today @ UTEP

(hoping to see more moments like this @ UB Stadium from my seat in section 324) Tonight UB opens the 2009 season with some of these…”?????’s” UB football finally arrived last year after almost a decade of D-1 awfulness. This…
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Victoria S. Bull

With the UB Bulls season just weeks away, Victoria S. Bull is once again haunting my dreams. Go BULLS!