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This is why I don’t listen to Tom Bauerle much anymore

I was out and about today and tuned into WBEN for a few minutes of Bauerle.¬† It didn’t take long for me to tune out.¬† It has been that way for a long time for me. In 2005, I posted…
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Sometimes the bulb goes on

Sometimes it does…I mean really. A couple of days ago I posted on Harry Reid’s comments in 2008 about Barack Obama. Yesterday Mike in WNY commented… What exactly is Reid guilty of? Making an observation that he believes explains the…
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Sometimes I am Santa and sometimes I win on WBEN

My annual Santa call to niece and nephew in VA…kids make the world go around and the Christmas season tis a blast for them…my niece and nephew are adorable. And…I won on WBEN yesterday… Enjoy…

As if this Buffalo pro sports Monday wasn’t bad enough already

We get this little gem about the Sabres being up for sale again by Tommy G. BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – An article published in the upcoming edition of Western New York Hockey Magazine claims the Sabres are for sale. Jim…
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Counting down the final days of the Aud. . .

Caught this cool interview with Jean Knox on WBEN today… Reminded me that I have to make my way down to take a a last walk around the building and make peace with the fact it will soon be gone….
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My 5 Cents: Da Bills, Da Economy, Da Geo, Da Weather, WBEN

Da Bills… 3 and 0 Ain’t it exciting? I was about to chalk-up yesterday as a loss…then the Bills took over the game in the fourth quarter…two weeks in a row where Trent Edwards took the team on his shoulders…
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H.McCarthy Gipson and Sandy Beach go at it on WBEN today

Police Commissioner Gipson Calls Sandy Beach show today If you didn’t catch this, check it out…the exchange between Gipson and Beach regarding¬†Dennis Delano is wild…this whole situation gets crazier by the day.