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My 5¢ – 02/10/2013


Love Canal There is a piece in the Buffalo News today about a lawsuit being filed by some current homeowners in the Love Canal Black Creek Village neighborhood of Niagara Falls who believe there are still chemicals in the area affecting…
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My 5¢ – 01/24/2013


Preservation Dummies I wrote this here yesterday on Facebook—> This is something I thought about tonight…it was brought up by my favorite DC based preservation type person Meagan Baco a few weeks back…here I am at almost midnight working wrapping…
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My 5 Cents: Da Bills, Da Economy, Da Geo, Da Weather, WBEN

Da Bills… 3 and 0 Ain’t it exciting? I was about to chalk-up yesterday as a loss…then the Bills took over the game in the fourth quarter…two weeks in a row where Trent Edwards took the team on his shoulders…
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Ok…I understand the need to warn us less enlightened meteorological types about the impending doom, but how many times this winter have we been scared into a frenzy just to end up with nothing really…I know a foot of snow…
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My Five Cents: The Bend Over Edition

$4.00  a gallon for petro not too far away $4.00 a gallon nationally = $4.30 in WNY Bend over… $500,000,000 for Canal Side Bend(erson) over… Cold Case Detective Suspended The whole DeJac mess makes me question our local law enforcement officials’ understanding of…
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