A sort of letter to Joel Giambra before he leaves office



When I first voted for you 8 years ago, I felt like here was a guy who “got” what it was going to take to turn WNY around.  I didn’t believe you would achieve all you were setting out to do but I did believe in you.  I believed in you so much that I gave you my vote…not something I give easily or without a lot of thought.

This morning I found a story in the Buffalo News about a speech you gave last night.  Part of what you spoke about was calling on Governor Spitzer to take on a bold initiative you are proposing to create a regionalized City of Greater Buffalo.  I am guessing that this is some form of legacy fixing on your part.  I don’t blame you for you that.  The sad part is is that you should have stuck to what you promised to do that day some 8 years ago when I cast my precious vote for you.

I am not going to get into the reasons why you failed…that dead horse has already been beaten.  What I am going to say is that I have never been as disappointed with someone I voted for as I am with you.  That speech and proposal last night should have been what your 8 years in office were about.  If you would have stuck to what you came advertised as, you could have walked away from county hall with something that you can’t exactly put a political price tag on…respect.  You failed and failing isn’t bad, but you failed for all the wrong reasons.  From a personal perspective, your term in office and what happened further whittled away my faith and trust in politicians as a whole.

Good luck in whatever else you do as you move away from county hall. 


Christopher Byrd

2 thoughts on “A sort of letter to Joel Giambra before he leaves office

  1. I think Joel tried to keep his promises, but just like any reformer, he ran into the buzzsaw of western new york politics, and a voter apathy which keeps electing the same politicians over and over.

    I thought Joel had great ideas 8 years ago, and still does. He had to modify his approach to get any support from the legislators, so much so that he eventually became ineffective.

  2. Stan,

    In a lot of ways you are right and these did contribute to Mr. Giambra’s failure…but he did contribute himself as well.

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