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Buffalo Public Schools

After reading an article tonight by Sandra Tan in the Buffalo News recapping today’s Buffalo School Board meeting, I have come to the same conclusion I have come to so many times here on my blog.  The Buffalo Public School District needs to be blown up and reorganized.  What are we waiting for?  The district is still muddled in trying to fix things from the inside. This is a district that wants to pay $200,000 for public relations professionals for damage control.  It is insane.

As many leadership positions in the district make cushy six figure salaries to manage fail, city school children have such a small window in which to set them on course to getting a proper education when they enter school.  If it is blown, the district is plain and simply ruining lives.  It is a bleeping disgrace and everyone involved with the district should be ashamed of themselves.

Sergio Rodriguez for Mayor

Speaking of people who should fell as ashamed.  The whole local Republican intelligentsia should be.  Why?  Their lack of getting getting behind Sergio Rodriguez for the 2013 Buffalo mayoral race in a substantial way is shameful.

The concern of the local Republican intelligentsia is if Rodriguez’s campaign mounts a huge challenge in November running against Mayor Byron Brown, it will bring a lot of Democratic voters out in the Buffalo and be a boost for Democratic candidates in key races for Erie County Sheriff and Comptroller.  In a perfect local politics world, the Republicans would see this as an opportunity to unseat a sitting Democratic mayor in a city that is ripe for change in leadership.  It would also show that local Republicans actually care what happens in the city.  Rodriguez has a great message and has made inroads to the heart of what is wrong with Buffalo.  He also has appeal.  Factor in that Rodriguez is a minority and it could go a long way to opening doors in the city to a Republican party that gives all appearance of being unfriendly to minorities.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen at this point in the race.  You do have to wonder what could have been for Rodriguez if Republican HQ threw some cash and support behind him.   Imagine the impact in him making campaign appearances with the popular incumbent county comptroller and city resident Stefan Mychajliw could have had.  We will never know.

Speaking at a Buffalo Common Council Hearing

On Tuesday, I spoke at a Buffalo Common Council meeting encouraging the council to approve local landmark status for Saint Ann’s Church.

I have been before the council a few times in the past and the experience is always surreal….just look at the council chambers.


It is an amazing place inside what may be the most incredible city hall in all of America.  Being there and waiting to speak, you can’t help but to be inspired by the environs.  The council chambers make you feel that great things should happen inside here.

The Sabres Start Soon


The regular season is just about a week away.  I know people have low expectations for the team this year.  For me, I think they are going to be better than expected.  They return with a team that wasn’t awful last year.  A lot of the new young guns from last season will be a bit more seasoned when they hit the ice.  We still have Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller.  The thing is you don’t really know what is going to happen until they hit ice and start playing when it really counts.

Whatever happens, I will be cheering them on from October through the end of the season cuz that’s what us crazy hockey Buffalo hockey fans do,

Go Sabres!

Buffalo Central Terminal 1979

This is how I remember the Terminal growing up around it in the 1970s and 80s.

Nice pics found on this Buffalo Rising post.

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