My Monday 5¢: Buffasaurus Rex, Buffalove, The Dominator, Tanking and Buffalo Mass Mob


Buffasaurus Rex

I don’t know if Rex Ryan is the best coach to lead the Buffalo Bills to the promised land. But I do know his hiring (not confirmed yet) is really the dawn of the Pegula era with our football team.

If you look back at the coaches the Bills have hired over the last decade or so, they brought nothing like we are about to get with Rex Ryan. This guy is true football character. He will make things interesting. Honestly, it’s a crap shoot if it means on field success.

With the Bills great defense pretty much intact for 2015, we are only a better than average offense away from being a true contender.

Thank you to Kelly Sedinger for the “Buffasaurus Rex” nickname. I love it.

Welcome to B-lo Rex!

Ain’t no Buffalove in the Heart of the City

I know a lot of people point to the recent development with Canalside or the medical campus, etc. and thing Buffalo is turning around. But Buffalo won’t turnaround until the numbers for poverty and failing public schools start to change.

While it is nice to see people coming into Buffalo to spend their dollars and time on local treasures, it isn’t what makes a city successful.

Tank Me

The whole idea of a professional sports team tanking to get a better draft pick is nothing new. Teams have definitely done it. Is it right? Some people think it is okay. I don’t.

What drives me crazy is seeing comments in Sabre nation by people who get disappointed by the team doing well because they want Connor McDavid in the blue and gold. Sure, I’d love to see him land in Buffalo. But does rebuilding by tanking really guarantee success? People like to trot out the examples of Pittsburgh and Chicago as living through tanking to rebuild. Other teams have tanked without similar success…see Edmonton.

The Dominator

Dominik Hasek

Dominik Hašek having his number retired on Tuesday night down at the F’n Center is going to be a great night for the Sabres and the fans of the blue and gold.

Number 39 is one of the greatest Sabres ever…if not the greatest. He made many of an average team here a contender. It is a shame that he didn’t have the “tools” in front of him to win the cup here. The reality is Hašek was the best goalie of his era…yes, better than Brodeur and Roy. Those two had better teams in front of them for most their careers. As Hašek proved when he moved on the Red Wings, he could win the big games and the Stanley Cup with superior talent. It is a shame it couldn’t have happened in Buffalo.

Buffalo Mass Mob VII at Saint Casimir’s


I do a lot of different things around the B-lo to make the city better. One thing that has taken on a life of its own is Buffalo Mass Mob.

The success of it all has been tremendous…to see the Mass Mob idea take off around the country is incredible and blow my mind at least one a day.

Join the Buffalo Mass Mob this coming Sunday at Saint Casimir Church in Buffalo’s Kaisertown and help make difference at historic local church.

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