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While looking at stats for BFA, I noticed a link from as a referrer…of course I had to check it out.  If you haven’t heard or read, Mary Kunz Goldman of Buffalo News fame has her own blog now.  It comes courtesy of her bloviating husband.

I know MKG has received a lot of sheitz from local internet pundites over the last few years, but this blogger likes how she writes…have I agreed with everything she has ever written…no…do I like everything she has ever written…no…but she has her own style.

What I have always liked about Mary’s columns or “The Buzz” is that she gets and appreciates Buffalo and gets and appreciates it in her own way…don’t we all…but she can put it down in words.

From all indications, it looks like her blog will be MKG simply being MKG.

To the blogroll she will go…

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  1. Thanks for the info on I agree that she is pretty good for the most part, and should be. Her father had a nice style and was an enjoyable read.

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