The Livery building LIVES

(H. Skull – Buffalo News)

Great news from da West Side of the B-lo tonight as developer Sam Savarino has saved the day for “The Livery” building which has garnered much attention over the last few weeks.

Last week I wrote on BFA about how we probably need to reinventory the historic buildings in B-F and do a status report as a result of the above.

I don’t think preservationists, neighbors,  developers, or the city are going to be able to step in at the last minute and save everything and anything.  The resources just aren’t there, but what the city could do is become a bit more proactive and put a call out to grassroot groups like BFA to help get a handle on historic properties not only on B-F but throughout the city.  This could avoid what happened with “The Livery”…

There are efforts out there already.  You see it a lot on the West Side, but I am thinking a long the lines of having an blanket plan for the city.

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