BFA: Sunday at Chua Tu Hieu Temple and Buddhist Cultural Center

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Yesterday I met with Victoria Thuy of the Chua Tu Hieu Temple and Buddhist Cultural Center on Fillmore Avenue. Victoria teaches language at the center and she gave me the grand tour…see photos above.

Honestly…it was an experience I will never forget. The center and temple are both a big part of the local Vietnamese community in Buffalo and WNY which is between 7000-8000 people strong…B-F has about 500. It attracts people from all around WNY. Everyone I met was fantastic…the older woman of the congregation cooking in the kitchen were especially welcoming…in a way, it reminded me of when I was child and would enter the domain of a group of Polish speaking babcias cooking, the first thing they did was offer you food and a warm smile…these woman were exactly like that. 🙂

The place is a hub of activity and on Sundays there is a Buddhist service at 10:30 followed by a traditional Vietnamese lunch prepared by the congregation.

The original temple was on Smith Street in a home…the community outgrew it quickly and found a new home in the old Buffalo Police Eighth Precinct at 647 Fillmore a few years back.

BFA is going to help promote some of their events and help bring some exposure to center which are unique cultural assets in B-F. It will also be a way for the B-F community to connect with them as well.

I will posting a couple of their upcoming events over the next week or so.

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