Video: One Night and Seven Churches

(be sure to click on the HQ button to see in High Quality)

My B-F-A life takes over my regular life come Easter Season…

BFA’s ONSC has really taken off…there are a lot of people who have always done it, but what I have done with it with BFA, which has always been my goal, is give the seven churches Holy Thursday tradition exposure outside the Polonia/B-F realm.

The media really picked up on it this year!

I really think people crave these unique traditions…Catholics and others…my approach to the night is to have people experience both the religious aspect and architectural grandeur of the East Side’s glorious churches.

It is one thing to take a tour of the churches….but to experience them on a night like Holy Thursday is something different completely.

I know a church is only a building, but I call Historic Polonia’s churches FAITH ENHANCERS…

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