BFA: Urban Farming helping Buffalo

(image courtesy of Wilson Street Urban Farm)

Great article in the Buffalo News today about urban farming…it features B-F residents Mark and Janice Stevens of Wilson Street Urban Farm fame. Advocates are trying to get city leaders to to develop a process to make it easier to for people to start urban farms and avoid many of the problems the Wilson Street Urban Farm faced last year en route to establishing their farm.

From the article…

The farm is continuing to expand, Stevens reported today. He’s convinced that urban agriculture and neighborhood gardens are assets that can help revive “dying communities.”

“Hopefully, the vision for the City of Buffalo becomes pro-community gardens, and it also sees how urban farming fits into that at just a little bigger level,” said Stevens.

This development can only help Buffalo and help ease the blight we see in many neighborhoods including B-F. It isn’t the answer to all the woes facing some neighborhoods, but it is part of the mix in helping stengthen them.

Be sure to check out the latest news from the Wilson Street Urban Farm…they just posted a new entry on their website called ‘Spring is in the Air’…bookmark the site…it is a must read.

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