Kevin Gaughan…County Clerk?


Someone commented on my blog today about Kevin Gaughan’s interest in becoming Erie County Clerk now that David Swarts has been picked by the Spizter administration to head up the New York DMV.

I checked the handy dandy Buffalo News.  Guess what…Mr. Gaughan is interested.

Gaughan said he has expressed interest in the post to Erie County Democratic Chairman Leonard R. Lenihan, who is expected to play a key role in recommending a successor to Spitzer.

“I am a candidate for the office,” he said. “I think it would be a wonderful chance to contribute.”

Gaughan has run unsuccessfully for several public offices over the years but caught the attention of many Democrats when he withdrew from the State Senate primary field last year to support Lenihan’s candidate – Marc A. Coppola. Several observers say the move served as a significant deference to Lenihan, who could now repay him with a recommendation.

Looking at it, I see why he would want to get the job.  What better way to help change the system than from within.

The commenter had this to say…

For fans of irony, a nice present might be an autographed copy of the Buffalo News article I read today that said Kevin Gaughan is lobbying the Democratic Party to have **himself** appointed to one of the most useless elected offices we have around here: County Clerk.

\”The Cost\” indeed!

Though I would like to see the clerk’s job converted to a hired position, I don’t think the office is useless.

As Swarts proved over the years, he helped streamline a number of different ways the county does business with both creative and practical initiatives.  As an aside, I also thought he handled the county budget crisis better than most of the elected executives for the county.

The clerk’s office has a pretty comprehensive roll in record keeping in the county…far from useless.

I can understand how people could see it as “ironic” that Kevin Gaughan would want to become pat of “The Cost”, but I think he knows like most of us know, that the only way to change the system is to in effect become part of it.

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